Katie K. Results


579997_904504788488_471734001_n ”After my first 9 days on Isagenix (11 days with pre-cleanse days) my results are in! Please remember that I followed this cleanse without error and listened to my body. No results nor pics have been tampered with, I must say, I am amazed at the results myself! I told my clients that I would try it before I recommended it, well, I recommend this product!
I lost: -4.5 pounds, -.75 chest, -2 inches thigh, -.75 calf, -1.25 hips, -.25 arm, -1 inch waist, AND 3.74% BODY FAT taken with a caliper with 7 sites (ACSM guidelines) by 4 different ACSM personal trainers!”

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  1. Amanda says:

    frnied Larry in Florida has lost over 200 pounds. a0My frnied Kim in Utah lost almost 150 pounds. a0Both did this by getting started with the Isogenics 9 day

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