“I started incorporating Isagenix Isalean Whey Protein into my nutrition to lose help in losing my baby weight. My starting weight on 4/19/12, a little over a week after my c-sestion, was 148lbs. My body fat percentage was 30% and my BMI was 24.6. Since I had the c-section, I was very limited to any activity I could do. So, I did VERY light walking for 20-30 min, 3 days/week for the first 2 weeks. Week 3 and 4, I started incorporating stability and light resistance training into my program, as well as, Isagenix Ionix Supreme and Want More Energy into my nutrition for my pre and post workout energy needs, along with the Isalean whey protein. I was able to do my workouts with high energy, recover efficiently, and progress my workouts at each workout. I am down 33lbs, 10% body fat!!!! My strength is increasing, my body is getting more fit, and Im ready for the next four weeks until my next assessment!”


“I want to thank Emily for never giving up on me and helping me get my life back on track.  I’ve always struggled with my weight, and seriously ballooned up after my full hysterectomy last October.  I kind of gave up on myself and thought I would never be able to make it through the day again without a nap.  It truly is amazing what proper nutrition and exercise can accomplish. I am down 32lbs and 12.3% body fat. With the help of Isagenix I have cleansed my body of caffeine and artificial sweeteners and have learned to be HAPPY while eating healthy.  I have not felt this good in over ten years.  Be nice to your body and it will reward you with natural energy.  What an amazing concept!  Thanks again, Emily!  I’m so lucky to have you in my life!”



 After Diane quit smoking in January she felt like her body was changing for the worse. She was gaining weight because she no longer had the nicotine stimulant to to combat the calories she was consulming. She had no energy and was very uncomfortable with her physical appearance. She decided to trust me and began substituting 2 of her meals with Isagenix IsaLean shakes. Within the first 30 days she was down 8 lbs and 2.8% body fat. She then decided to further her weight loss by doing the 9 day cleanse. I am proud to say she is now down 13 lbs and 7.9% body fat in ONLY 45 DAYS!!! This is not the end of her journey she now has more energy and her craving for sweets has dimished. She will be contiuning on her next 30 day system to get to her weight loss goal.


“The Lean Life Program has improved my strength and endurance, helped me
to lose weight and body fat, and most of all, motivated me to continue to
live a healthy lifestyle! Not only that, doing this program is an amazing
stress reliever. Thank you Emily for all that you’ve done!”

I started out weighing 137 lbs. and am down to 130 and holding steady. I am firmer all around and feel good about myself. My bad (ldl) cholesterol count went from 136 to 117.

Every day when a moment passes by where I feel that I can’t accomplish something or don’t have time for something I just tell myself that i can do anything for 50 seconds. And if i can do it for 50 seconds, I can do it for 50 minutes. Thanks for giving me a positive way to assert myself in my every day life.


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