image (1)“I was so depressed and I know I need something to change. I need ME to change. Again. The weight roller coaster that is my life needs to stop. I texted Emily to see if she’d be willing to take me on as a client. I had seen a few of her posts about her nutrition program and thought I should try it. Why not? I’d tried just about everything else at this point. I’ll never forget meeting with her at her gym. I was so embarrassed I had let myself go so far. All I could do was cry. She didn’t even have to sell me on anything. I was in 100%. She put me on her nutrition program and we set out a personal training schedule. By the time I left I felt better. I felt like this was going to be the change I needed. The first day was so hard. Emily agreed to take me on as a client as long as I agreed to do before photos…with my shirt off. Are you kidding me? Here come the tears again, but I NEED her help and am willing to do it. I am SO GLAD I agreed to those photos. I lost 16 lbs the first month. But I didn’t really notice the difference till I saw the before and after photos side by side. I was still embarrassed, but I felt like I had control for the first time in forever.Then one week into the second month I had two major hits. The death of a close friend, and an accident a day later where I severely sprained my ankle. The old depressed Paula would have crumbled and thrown in the towel. Not this time. I never cancelled a single personal training session…I showed up at the gym with an orthopedic boot on! Craziness! I saw continued success with the program and felt better than I had my whole life.

I went to spend a few months with family over the holidays. And I got derailed. Again. I’m not blaming my family, but I never realized how much of a feeder my mother is. She will literally keep giving you choices of food until you eat something and I hated to upset her. I love her. So I put a lot of weight back on. I started feeling the old, depressed Paula creep back. I came home and said ENOUGH. I rededicated myself to the nutrition program. I realized that I have the tools I need to make healthy choices and it’s all in MY hands. I’ve learned how different foods make me feel, which makes making healthy choices so much easier. I’ve learned to tell my mother NO and mean it. I’m more confident and happy than I have ever truly been. My relationship with my husband is the best it’s been in 13 years. I’m no longer a slave to the scale (but I sure do LOVE that I’m about to see the 130s!!). I’m happy. Plain and simple. Funny that saying that and owning that can bring tears to my eyes. But it does. I’m happy.”

~Paula_Metaire, LA

IMG_7835“It was two years since I had my little girl and after her birthday party I looked back at the pictures taken of us as a family/me and realized that not only was I overweight but weighed more now then I did after giving birth. I felt like if I was going to be her role model I needed to change! I have tried several diets in the past and have been successful but have failed to follow through after my goal weight and ended up right were I started. I felt like these diets didn’t have an easy transition into my lifestyle.

Emily and I have known each other since college and have remained friends through social media. In the past year, her postings and clients have caught my attention, especially the mommy makeovers. After seeing myself in Avery’s birthday photos I decided to reach out to Emily and discuss what nutrition she had to offer.

I just kept telling myself you can do this, resist all the temptations and you will see results. It was all mind over matter.  I managed my shakes, snacks, dinners/lunches and workouts and on that 11th day of my first weigh in I was down 8 pounds. Now if that wasn’t a motivator I don’t know what is!

So here I am today, down 15 pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  My husband is happy, I am more active with my daughter and I feel strong!”

~Kim_Shreveport, LA


“I started incorporating Emily’s recommended nutrition to help in losing my baby weight. My starting weight a little over a week after my c-sestion, was 148lbs. My body fat percentage was 30%. Since I had the c-section, I was very limited to any activity I could do. So, I did VERY light walking for 20-30 min, 3 days/week for the first 2 weeks. Week 3 and 4, I started incorporating stability and light resistance training into my program. I was able to do my workouts with high energy, recover efficiently, and I saw progress at each workout. I am happy to say I am down 33lbs, 10% body fat! My strength is increasing, my body is getting more fit, and I’m ready for the next four weeks!”


~Ashlie_Slidell, LA


IMG_7209“After I quit smoking I felt like my body was changing for the worse. I had no energy and was very uncomfortable with how my body looked. I decided to trust Emily and began her nutrition program. Within the first 30 days I was down 8 lbs and 2.8% body fat. After continuing to follow her plan, I am proud to say I am now down 13 lbs and 7.9% body fat. I now have more energy and my  cravings for sweets have diminished. This is not the end of my journey, but it’s a great start!”

~Diane_ Destrehan, LA








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