Road to Fitness America


As you all know I started competing in October of 2009 in Figure and then switched to Bikini in 2011. I just got back from Fitness Universe where I competed in Bikini Tall and I was inspired. I was inspired by all of the Fitness Girls out there that got up on stage and performed their routines. They had so much fun! The best part was they able to show their strength, skills and their personalities shined through. The judges were judging them on their performance, physique and they even asked them questions on stage. That part I loved!

When I got back from Fitness Universe I decided to download the Fitness Skills sheet from Cathy Savage Fitness and head to Empire Gymnastics . I wanted to see if my 10 years of gymnastics when I was younger would come back to me….let just say it’s like riding a bike. I was able to do over half of the fitness skills! I knew then I was ready to take the plunge.

So here it is I’m putting it all out there, I will be competing in Fitness America in November and this time in FITNESS!


Below is my video blog and update on my training for Fitness America in November.

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