Live today like you have a timeline…


 ”We all have a timeline, most of us don’t live like we have a timeline.”

–Steve Gleason

When I saw the special on the Steve Gleason Story air before the Superbowl it really hit home for me. Being from New Orleans, we all know what it’s like to overcome adversity and challenges, but to hear that one of our own is struggling with this disease is heartbreaking. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this. It has made me reflect on my life and made me realize how sometimes I can get wrapped up in everything going on and sometimes forget to thank God everyday that I have my health.

I am inspired by Steve Gleason and his positive outlook, strength, and how he has been such a part of bringing New Orleans together. No one can forget that blocked punt in the 2006 Saints game against the Falcons, as Sean Payton said it was ”Bigger Than Football” to our city. It represented that we as a city are not willing to surrender. In situations like this you see the true colors of your city and your community. Our colors shined through by pulling together to help Team Gleason by hosting a Gleason Gras Fundraiser . Also, when Dirty Coast  got word that their friend Steve Gleason was suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) they felt they had to lend a hand in any way possible by designing the “Better Now Than Never” t shirts in which all the design’s proceeds will go to TEAM GLEASON. These are just some of the things the people of our city are doing to help. We treat people in our community as if they are our family and that is why I am so proud to call New Orleans HOME.

I have always thanked the Lord for blessing me with a great family, friends, and MY HEALTH. So many of us take our health for granted, but in the end that is all you are left with. There are times when I am training for my competitions and I push beyond that one last rep or that one last hill sprint just thinking about how many people who are out there that would love to have the strength to sprint or the strength to even walk. This pushes me to go beyond my limits. I take that time to reflect and be thankful that I do have a healthy strong body.

Having been in the fitness industry for over 10 years I have seen how people destroy their bodies with the over-consumption of food and lack of exercise. Our body’s are what are going to take us through the rest of our lives, we should treat it as our temple. It makes me appreciate the body God has given me. Have you ever stopped and thought what you would you do without your health? I know I’m going to take every step possible to stay healthy for the rest of my life. It’s about time for you to take those steps too!

Steve Gleason’s motto ”NO WHITE FLAGS” is so inspirational to me. He is not surrendering to ALS, he is using this challenge ”to make a great impact on the world” I hope to one day inspire and make a great impact on this world as Steve Gleason already has.

“It’s not about the blocked punt or the Superbowl ring.  It’s about the relationships, love and what you do when you walk out of this room.” – Steve Gleason


No White Flags,



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