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Hi everyone!

I am updating all of you on my progress of my latest Isabody Challenge. As many of you know I have participated in the Isabody Challenge before my pregnancy (see post), during (see post) , and now I will continue my challenge to get my pre-baby body back.

Isabody Challenge #4

37 weeks pregnant vs. 2 weeks postpartum


I began this challenge at 37 weeks pregnant on June 19th at 199 pounds and the other photo you see was taken July 25th, 2 weeks postpartum at 186 pounds. My final weight was 206 pounds when I went into the hospital to have my baby girl. I normally don’t judge my progress on the number on the scale so from here on out I will be taking pictures frequently to judge my progress :)



10405510_10100536958682788_5728104732921085610_nAlyssa Marie Scalf was born on July 10th, and was 7 pounds of pure perfection! I gained a total of 52 pounds. I must say she was worth every single pound! :)

I am currently 5 weeks postpartum and I am down a total of 24 pounds. I took my measurements and body fat percentage and I am now ready to get back to a healthy weight. As for my working out, I have been going on evening walks as I have not been to my 6 week check up to be cleared to exercise. I want to allow my body to heal the right way and to tell you the truth I am enjoying every minute of being a new mommy. The only thing that has been helping lose the weight is my nutrition. I have continued my Isagenix products , which have been a staple in my diet and will be using them to aid me in reaching my pre pregnancy weight.


2 weeks vs. 5 weeks postpartum


2 weeks vs. 5 weeks postpartum


2 weeks  vs. 5 weeks postpartum








At first I was a little scared posting my postpartum pictures, but I want to be completely transparent with everyone in hope of helping women feel like they can get back the body they once had. My body is amazing! It created a perfect little miracle. I will now need to practice a little patience as I know I am not one of those people who snap back to their pre pregnancy bodies right after delivery. It took me 39 weeks to grow my little miracle and I know it will take some time to get back to where I want to be…..and I’m ok with that. I have ALWAYS had to work for my body so this will be no different. It wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t have to work for it! I love transformations and the feeling of accomplishment from reaching my goals. My challenge is set to end on October 9th so say tuned for more progress.

I hope you will follow me in my journey and I hope to inspire mommies out there to always strive to be healthy for ourselves and our families.


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