Isabody Challenge #3 Complete



I’m not sure where to even begin. This past challenge has been the most interesting and challenging yet. In February last year I was started my first Isabody Challenge. The goal then was to get my body ready to marry the man of my dreams. Fast forward to this challenge I am getting ready to welcome my first child into this world.

The past 16 weeks have been a challenge in and of itself. It has been a challenge to just allow my body to gain the right amount of weight for my baby girl to be healthy. I set out to only gain a certain amount of weight during this pregnancy, the recommended 25-35 lb. Well lets say I hit that mark quicker than I expected. Half way through I realized it’s not about the physical weight I was gaining. I realized that each person’s pregnancy is different and I started to trust that my body knows what it needs to do, and it will gain the right amount for my baby. To be perfectly honest, because I have Isagenix I know I will not have any problems getting back my pre baby body. Wow! How things have changed.

imageI have had my far share of nausea throughout this pregnancy. There were days where I couldn’t stand the sight of anything healthy, if it was vegetables I didn’t want it. The only thing that helped me get the nutrition I needed for me and my baby was my Isagenix IsaLean Pro shakes, want more energy and bars. They have been my saving grace. I haven’t had the crazy cravings that most women say they have, and I can honestly say I attribute it to Isagenix. I have consistently had one shake or bar a day throughout my whole pregnancy and I have to say my baby girl loves them! There is no better feeling then knowing you are giving your baby the best nutrition out there even before she comes into this world. I would be lying if I said I had a perfect diet while pregnant. I have had my fair share of unhealthy treats and meals, but

IMG_2938Isagenix has helped me get all the nutrition my baby and I need where my diet was lacking.

I am so glad I have had Isagenix in my toolbox throughout this pregnancy to help cut my cravings and feel in control, when so many things seem out of your control. I have continued to have amazing energy and I have been able to stay active throughout my whole pregnancy. I have had multiple women reach out to me about how to incorporate Isagenix while pregnant and while breastfeeding. I now am able to continue to help them no matter where in their pregnancy they might be. I am ready to jump right into my next challenge becoming a mother and getting my pre baby body back. Thanks to Isagenix I know it will make the transition much smoother and I am forever grateful.

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