A different kind of transformation



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Before Picture August 2013

As I wrap up my second Isabody Challenge, I would like to reflect on my previous challenge. My previous IsaBody Challenge was all about fitting into my wedding dress and marrying the man of my dreams. This challenge started with another goal in mind. I wanted to maintain my end physique from the previous challenge. I have always done a great job when I have a goal set, but it has always been a struggle to maintain my body without another goal in sight. That’s why I set this goal for myself. I’ve realized it’s not all about losing the weight. It’s about finding the balance to keep it off!

Needless to say I am happy to say that maintaining has been a SUCCESS! I have been able to find a balance. I finally have control over my weight and I am able to be accepting of my physique. Being a personal trainer and a fitness competitor sometimes you get caught up in what you look like on the outside. I now have a different perspective on health which I give credit to the Isabody challenge for helping me see that. I can say that in the past I have gotten so caught up in improving my physique I lost site of the importance it is to just be healthy.

For the first time I look in the mirror and I am happy with my body. I have stopped comparing myself to others and I have accepted the body I have been given. I am in love with my healthy lifestyle of incorporating Isagenix into my every day life. I am never deprived of any food, I allow myself to indulge in a sensible manner. I believe this is why this challenge has been such a success.

Consuming Isagenix products have kept me healthy and have been an integral part of my success of maintaining my weight from the previous challenge. I want to inspire others to set of a goal of just “being healthy” and living a lean life because in the end our health is all we have.

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Before Picture August 2013

As I wrap up this challenge I reflect on the past two challenges and I am ready for a completely NEW challenge. I have always taken pictures for weight loss progress, but these next progress pictures are going to be unlike any of my progress pictures from before. These will be a belly growing! I am excited to take my next challenge into MOTHERHOOD. I feel that Isagenix products have kept me healthy for my body to be ready for pregnancy. I want to challenge myself to have a “healthy” pregnancy. I will be incorporating Isagenix into my daily nutrition so my baby will have the best nutrition there is! I want to motivate and inspire all mothers out there to incorporate Isagenix to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.



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