Clean Cooking Ideas

  • Clean Cooking Ideas

    1.     When grilling meat, I love the foreman grill. Olive oil and coconut oil are the best to use when grilling meat or veggies. Charcoal grills are good too, I just don’t have one to use.

    2.     Choose lean cuts of meat, skinless boneless chicken breasts, hamburger meat that is at least 90/10. So shoot for 10% fat or less. Turkey burgers are good just make sure there is NO added sodium. Nothing puffs the belly up more than sodium.

    3.     A good marinade for meat is NO FAT Italian dressing. Put the meat in a ziplock bag over night with the dressing, this also eliminates the need for oil to keep it nonstick. But keeps you from eating BLAH meat. I really watch my seasonings that I use now. Old Bay low sodium is also good.

    4.     Peanut butter is GREAT in isalean shakes; however there is a lot of added fat and calories. So LOOK out for PB2. I order mine online on amazon or ebay both very cheap. I love the chocolate peanut butter. PB2 is a powder so it mixes in shakes great.

    5.     Everyone needs good carbs….quick oats with honey and blueberries are a great option (the individual packets have extra sugar and fat). Rice cakes with a little almond butter are a great snack, even better with an egg on top. I like my egg over easy but that’s personal preference. Ezekiel bread is also a good bread option; it is usually found frozen in the grocery store near rolls and other sweet breads. I like the unsprouted or the raisin bread kind. Brown quick or minute rice is great too, just don’t buy the 90 second type in pouches. WAY TOO MUCH sodium and yucky preservatives.

    6.     When looking at canned veggies look for LOW sodium varieties. I try and stay away and buy fresh veggies to cook quickly at home. I realize that isn’t always a choice so look for low sodium.

    7.     Fruits are your friends! Look for local in season varieties!!!! Best nutritional values and your supporting local farmers…lol I got extra blueberries and peaches frozen for winter. Just takes time to bag in freezer bags. I love blueberries in my isalean shakes so it is worth it to me.


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