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As many of you know my husband and I are pregnant with our first child. I have wanted to start blogging about my experience as a first time mom, but I just feel like I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write it all down. That’s why I am doing it now. I want to remember all the things happening during my pregnancy and hopefully help some of you along the way too!

Lets start from the beginning. My husband and I have been knowing each other for over 10 years and recently got married in April of 2013. As many of you know I was on a mission to drop some extra weight I had put on while planning my wedding>>> see my previous blog post. It was a success and I had the most magical wedding in paradise.

After we got married there was “a little” ;) pressure from our families about starting a family of our own. If you don’t know already I am a PLANNER, lol. I knew my husband was ready whenever I was, but I truly wanted to have my body where I was healthy and comfortable before taking on pregnancy. I had heard so many stories from women about how they say “your body will never be the same.” To tell you the truth this frightened me a little. As a health and nutrition coach I had a fear of not being able to control my weight gain during pregnancy.

IMG_1062Let’s say the first trimester was a little rough for me, to say the least. I was so nauseous every morning that I had to eat whole wheat crackers and have water before I could get out of bed. Not to mention all the hormonal and body changes that were happening. I couldn’t stand the sight of anything healthy that was in my previous diet, if it was veggies I didn’t want it. If I saw meat I wanted to vomit. This made me turn to things that I wouldn’t normally eat. I would eat lots of starchy carbohydrates which probably lead to a quick weight gain in my first trimester. The only thing that helped me get the nutrition I needed was my Isagenix IsaLean Pro shakes, bars, and want more energy.

I was excited about a baby bump but it just wasn’t coming soon enough for me which left me looking bloated and just FAT. I might be a little harsh on myself but it was very hard for me to come to terms with this body transformation that would have me GAINING weight. I had my fair share of breakdowns where I didn’t feel sexy and I felt my confidence slipping away.

It wasn’t until I hit the second trimester I found myself in a much happier place


emotionally and physically. I started to feel my baby girl kick and move. Which made all the weight gain so worth it! I started to “embrace the bump” and weight gain that came along with it.  The nausea left and I was able to resume my diet  and exercise that I had before and I felt great! I had so much more energy and my weight gain slowed down and came to a holt, which was very reassuring. I thought at the rate I was gaining I thought it might never stop, lol.

Now I am officially in my 3rd trimester! My baby girl will be here before I know it. As an 1 year anniversary gift to my husband I surprised him with our 3D/4D Ultrasound


from First Look Ultrasound. He was so surprised! I never knew I could be in love so much with this little human growing inside me. The body is an amazing thing!

I can’t wait to share my journey to motherhood with all of you. 75 days til we meet baby Alyssa.

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