__________Boot Camp_________

What types of exercises will I be doing at boot camp?

Boot Camp fitness workouts include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular, muscular endurance, strength training with dumbbells and body bars. We also take campers through group challenges, partner resistance, medicine ball drills, agility hurdles and ladders, plyometrics, and obstacle courses.

Tons of repetitions will tone the muscles and the fast pace drills will keep your heart pumping.

THE RESULT = a serious workout and great calorie burner.

How long are the boot camp classes?

Boot camp classes are 1 hour in length.

The workout consists of:

  • 10 minute warm-up/stretch  
  • 40 minutes of tons of repetitions that will tone the muscles and fast paced drills that will keep your heart pumping.
  • 10 minute cool-down/stretch at the end

I have not worked out in years; will I still be able to keep up with the class?

We have campers ranging from 16 years old to 60+ years old. Each participant is encouraged to go at their own pace. Most of the exercises are timed so you are able to go at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Modifications are suggested to accommodate different fitness levels and injuries to make the workout as personalized as possible for each participant.

Where will classes be held and what will I need to bring to camp?

All classes will be held outdoors. Campers will be expected to bring a bottle of water, a thick mat, and a set of dumbbells (5-10lbs or heavier depending on strength)

My boyfriend or husband would like to come to camp; are the classes’ co-ed?

Our boot camp classes are designed for men and women of ALL fitness levels. The workouts are as challenging as each participant would like to make them. We encourage all participants to push themselves to do their personal best.

Can I add additional classes if I would like to attend more classes during camp?

Yes, you can add additional classes for $20/class which can be paid for online prior to class by going through the registration.

What if I have to miss a class? Can I come another day?

We offer flexibility for your busy schedule. If you are unable to attend your scheduled day and time and need to come to another class you may come to any other scheduled class within the same camp.

  • Note: You may not add you’re missed classes to the next camp.

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