Challenge Rules






In order to qualify for judging, each Participant must submit four “before” and four “after” photos. “Before” photos must be taken on the Participant’s start date.

“After” photos must be taken on the Participant’s Challenge end date.

“After” photos and essay must be emailed together within one week of the Participant’s end date.

Full-body photos must be taken in the upright position.

Four Photos Required for Judging:

  • One frontal view photo with a digital date and time stamp or current day’s newspaper taken on the established start date/end date.
  • One frontal view without a newspaper or digital date and time stamp
  • One profile (side view) photo
  • One back photo
  • The photos must be authentic, not altered or modified. If any photo tampering is evident Participant will be immediately disqualified.
  • The date on the paper or time stamp must match the day the participant begins/ends their Challenge
  • The same type of clothing is recommended to be worn in all photos (athletic clothing preferred – sports bras, shorts, tank tops).
  • High-quality photos (300 dpi) are recommended.
  • Participants should take the photos using a white or light-colored solid backdrop for optimal visibility.

Because the photo with the newspaper is for verification of the date of the photo, the date or headline must be visible in the photo or a date and time stamp must be used.



The essay is required to be submitted with the ‘After’ photos, no more than one week after the Participants Challenge end date. Topics for discussion may include but are not limited to: What your Challenge goals were and how you achieved them, why you entered the Challenge, how this Challenge benefited you, how you will motivate others to achieve success through the use of this challenge and your next Challenge goal.




Q: How soon can I start?

A: Your payment date by September 14, 2015 proves your entry and that is the LAST day to start. Your before/after photos should be taken 30 days apart, each holding a newspaper to prove your dates.

Q: Do I submit anything in the beginning?

A: No. Your before/after photos and essay are due at the end of the challenge. Save your photos to your email so they are in a safe place.

Q: What is the official end date?

A: If you start September 14th, then October 13, 2015 will be the end date. You have one week to submit your photos and testimonial, with a due date of October 20, 2015. Email final submissions to and type “Jumpstart Challenge Final Submission” in the subject line.

Q: How soon will your next challenge start?

A: I will launch a new challenge January 2016.

Q: Do I have to start as soon as I pay?

A: As long as you pay by September 14th, you are entered in the challenge. Your before and after photos need to be exactly 30 days apart.


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