Ashlie’s down 33lbs and 10% body fat




“I started incorporating Emily Scalf’s recommended nutrition to help in losing my baby weight. My starting weight on 4/19/12, a little over a week after my c-sestion, was 148lbs. My body fat percentage was 30% and my BMI was 24.6. Since I had the c-section, I was very limited to any activity I could do. So, I did VERY light walking for 20-30 min, 3 days/week for the first 2 weeks. Week 3 and 4, I started incorporating stability and light resistance training into my program. I was able to do my workouts with high energy, recover efficiently, and progress my workouts at each workout. I am down 33lbs, 10% body fat!!!! My strength is increasing, my body is getting more fit, and Im ready for the next four weeks until my next assessment!”

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